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Enjoy the great outdoors with the confidence of knowing that should you be lost or injured, Adventure Lights products will help you to be seen. The complete line of extreme lighting systems is designed to enhance your outdoor activities as well as helping to keep you visible. Rugged waterproof products that boast long endurance are the standard from Adventure Lights.

Whether you are hiking, camping, biking, or just enjoying the outdoors...

Be seen with Adventure Lights.

LED Technology

LED's (Light Emitting Diodes) are solid state semiconductor diodes that emit colored light. An epoxy resin is used to encapsulate the semiconductor, while producing a lens to further focus the light.

By taking advantage of LED technology, Adventure Lights provides lighting products that are much more efficient, durable, versatile and longer lasting than traditional incandescent lights. They emit no heat, consume 50% less energy on average, and can last nearly 50 times longer!

What people are saying

Winnipeg Free Press

"During the years, we have field tested many pieces of equipment but I doubt that any had the potential of the new VIP Safety Light."

Voiles Magazine

"The VIP ranked among the top 3 safety lights in the world."

SPAR Aerospace

"Able to withstand unprecedented environmental conditions for emergency beacons."

SPAR Applied Systems

"Light intensity allows the visual pinpointing of the beacon (survivors) for Search & Rescue Teams."